Most members of our former Forums should have received this message, which was sent by a senior manager at Manwin.
This page is locked so that all may read the original message without any comment.
For discussion, see "A Playboy forum we can descend on?", where the text of this email is also quoted.

From: "" <>Date: March 30, 2012 8:08:01 PM PDTTo: [recipient's email]Subject: Cyber members - The new Playboy Fan Forum
Hello [Forum Member],
You are receiving this email because you are a member of the Playboy forum that was on in the Cyberclub that was recently taken down in the upgrade of the site. I know many people were upset by this take down and there was a serious lack of communication about it from various parties. I'm here to tell you that many people care about the Cyberclub members and that the folks at Manwin and Playboy are not out to get anyone and that they all want the same thing, an amazing website and member site for all to enjoy.
So what's the deal and what is the Playboy Fan Forum? Playboy Plus have granted me permission to create a new privately run forum from the old Cyber forum and have provided me with the full database of the vbulletin with all the forum members and old posts intact! I am working very hard at cleaning up the forums a bit and getting the site ready to be used. We are going to have to set some ground rules though for using this new forum... nothing ridiculous, but I want this forum to be about celebrating the gorgeous women of Playboy and the Playboy legacy. What this forum won't be is a platform for bashing Manwin, Playboy or Playboy Plus. Constructive criticism is of course welcome and I think you will find that you will get more feedback and answers through me about what's cooking with Playboy's website operations.
So who the hell am I? We'll get to know each other quite a bit in the coming days and weeks, and as long as you are respectful and mature on the forums, you will always be welcome. I also ask that you be VERY patient with me as we get things going, re-establish mods and all that good forum stuff. This is my first time using vBulletin (I've been an IPB user for about 8 years now and have run forums with over 60,000 members) so I hopefully have a good idea of how to run the ship.
The last question... what happens now? I will be working on the forums likely for the next few days and then will be ready to open the doors to everyone next week. Your old forum logins from Cyber will still work and if you don't remember your login credentials, you will be able to use the password recovery tool to reset your password.
I really look forward to re-opening the forum for you guys and I hope you will come back and pick up where you left off... enjoying beautiful women.
See you guys soon!Dan
PS. You may have noticed is working again ;)
PPS. Playmate Personal Pages are safe and sound... I'm going to make them a new home for you guys.
PPPS. To avoid getting a ton of Spam, I am using an email you can't respond to. When the site is up, I'll send everyone a note saying the site is ready and will include an email you can use to contact me should you have any problems logging in.