Being the truest fan of Miss February since her inauguration as Playmate in the spring of 1997 my intention was to dedicate a special place online for her when I created The Kimber West Thread several years ago in the Playboy Cyber Club forum. While it's common for true fans to each promote his favorite Playmate in discussions, it's problematic to do so when a Playmate is considered neglected. Thus, since my Kimber forum thread was rarely viewed, I sought to find a larger canvas onto which to share my affection for my Playmate. The result is The Kimber West Site.

This site is arranged from the earliest to the most recent posts.



Playmate portrait

Posted 2009-11-16

A truly beautiful work of art featuring Kimber's lovely face, good balance, expression, pose and glamour rivalling the best Playmate portraits ever shot. I posted this edit I made to the official headshot in response to another reply to the thread. This was about the time I began to consider creating a website dedicated to Playmate portraits. Eventually this would become The Playmate Portrait Archive with Miss West as its centerpiece.



Posted 2009-11-25

Miss February wears a somewhat vulnerable expression quite unlike her usual alluring self. The pose and rare closeness of this picture are inviting yet she seems to implore "her fan" to take his time and do her right. I'm happy to oblige!


Bikini dare

Posted 2009-12-01

Miss West knows how to tantalize, never needing to be obvious to turn it on. Here her sexy smile and lovely puppies top off a seemingly-tame pose to be highly inviting Kimber's untied bikini bottom is hardly explicit but she lets the details work for her by showing us its inside surface, a brief view of her trim bush, and other hand laid suggestively upon the inside of her thigh. A fun and effective shot!


Kimber's in her element, surrounded by fine neo-classical architecture.


My lady

Posted 2009-12-02

Lady, turns me on when I'm lonely
Give me all your charm
Evenings when she lays down beside me
She takes me gently into her arms.


Driving Miss West

Posted 2009-12-08

Oh, for Her Fan to go motoring in a fine antique car and pull over to find that Kimber has "forgotten" to wear her panties!


Southern belle

Posted 2009-12-19

Kimber offers a pose that's sure to delight! Note the attention to detail here, dark hair styled up with some strands hanging loose, lips slightly pouting, expression commanding yet humorous, and elegant blouse pulled tightly back to accentuate her inviting breasts, this shot demonstrates why sophisticated and sexy are two sides of the same coin. Fine composition needn't be limited to formal portraits or centerfolds!

This is a wonderful example of why the CC needs to refresh Miss West's portfolio. Along with other shots from this shoot, this picture would be magnificent in high-rez!


An invitation

Posted 2010-01-01

"Baby, come to bed and let's celebrate New Year's all night long!"


Special delivery

Posted 2010-02-12

A gift from Her Fan brings a smile to Miss February's pretty face.


And that yearning to make love to him all Valentine's Day long!


Happy birthday

Posted 2010-05-23

A celebration of Miss West's 36th birthday!


The day between

Posted 2010-05-24

The day between her birthday and his, Miss West dreams of spending this evening with Her Fan!



Posted 2011-02-12

Kimber's wet with anticipation of celebrating another Valentine's Day with Her Fan!


Happy birthday

Posted 2011-05-23

From her truest Fan on Miss February 1997's 37th birthday!



Posted 2011-05-25

Miss West eagerly waits to give Her Fan what he loves for his birthday!


Puppy appeal

Posted 2011-05-30

To Kimber's Fan there are no others,
that doth leave him so hot 'n' bother'd!



Posted 2011-09-02

This is an edited version of a scan of Kimber's calendar page. It's interesting to note the photographer, Arny Freytag, who apparently did this outdoors picnic shoot while Stephen Wayda did all but two of the portfolio pictures and the centerfold. Given the significant differences in the two photographers' styles, I've often wondered how Miss February would've appeared had she been assigned to Arny rather than Stephen. It'd be great to see more from this shoot!


Reflections on a Playmate

Posted 2011-11-08

Classic curves,
long sleek lines.
Sophistication, the Playmate kind.

Beneath fine hat,
lace, silk, reveal,
Delighful treasures to taste and feel!

Timeless glamour,
provocative stance.
Miss West most eloquently regards Her Fan.


Lost in Translation

Posted 2012-01-19

Setting aside their fairly low quality, these scans from Miss West's 1997 Spanish edition not only show her as a different month but also by a somewhat different name.



"Kimber" in the narrative, though!






Alas, Miss March!


Valentine Geminis

Posted 2012-02-14

Happy Valentine's Day to Miss West from Her Fan!



Posted 2012-02-22

As old scans, and the hard copies they originated from, disappear it's informative to see what was considered artistic and in high resolution among PB images before the turn of the century. Not being a popular Playmate, Kimber West received far less attention from fans with scanners than most of My Playmate's contemporaries. Typically, a generous application of early photo editing effects, courtesy of Photoshop and others, was used to smooth the skin, provide a patterned background, and add a shadow beneath the image proper. Such results at the time were viewed as lush but now appear crude and unnecessary against today's Playboy images of greater size and true color.








Happy birthday

Posted 2012-05-23

To Kimber
From RW


Kimber & The Pups

Posted 2012-08-15

Their triumphant return, to the delight of Her Fan.



Posted 2012-08-28

Despite the cover going to another, Miss February became the centerpiece of the ad for the 1998 Playmate Calendar to the satisfaction of Her Fan!


Valentine's Day

Posted 2014-02-14

The 17th Valentine's Day between Miss West and Her Fan.


Playmate preview

Posted 2014-02-17

This teaser of Miss West is from the January 1997 issue of Playboy.



Posted 2014-02-18

Kimber sheds her lingerie in the heat, flashing an inviting smile and proudly displaying her breasts for the enjoyment of Her Fan!


From the 1998 Playmate Review.


Another from the Review, a version of a porfolio shot.


A great view of Miss West with her eyes turned to the camera, another variation of a portfolio picture.


A favorite desktop wallpaper of Her Fan.


Launch of The Kimber West Site

Posted 2014-05-19

With the close of The Kimber West Thread by my request, Miss West now has a public place of appreciation online.


A special day

Posted 2014-05-21

When a Playmate reaches a milestone she can rely on Her Fan's continuing admiration.


Fan and Playmate

Posted 2014-07-25


Hello again

Posted 2014-10-04

Miss West anticipates word from Her Fan about a new home for The Kimber West Site.


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