Welcome Playboy Forums refugees. Now go back to the Forums.

This was a contact place for members of the briefly extinct Playboy Forums. (R.I.P. March 20, 2012)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EVERYBODY WINS !- - - (RESTORED April 3, 2012)
Get in touch or stay in touch with other Forum members even though the Forums are gone.
It will take a lot of person-to-person links to reach most "Refugees". Spread the word via Facebook & Twitter!

To make this as low-maintenance as possible, nobody has to "approve" you. Anyone can read and edit without joining.
However: please do read Tips & HELP and add your name to the "Refugees" page before making any other edits.

No experience with wikis is needed. Just click "Edit" on a page and type. ("Edit"is at top right of every page.)

⬅ Add your Forums name to the Refugees page, and create your own page any way you like.

⬅ To create your page, click "Make a new page" and then "New Page" at the top.

⬅ Even experts should check out "Tips & HELP". It's a Lifeline for "newbies", but also Guidelines for all.

We have two main purposes:

1. Let other "Refugees" know where you are and what you're up to. (We aren't all on Facebook or Twitter.)
Make a page with links to your own wikis or other projects elsewhere. (Or link your name directly to your site.)

2. Post useful links for all, and uncensored discussions about Playboy Plus or other Playboy-related topics.
We have no police. You're on the honor system to be civil as well as accurate.

Become a Member!- It's optional but encouraged. So is becoming an "Organizer" (see any current "Organizer").
Some members might make other pages for everyone's benefit and add them to the sidebar.

Unlike the PLAYBOYwiki, this wiki has no permission to host PB pics. Please don't upload pictures to the Files page here.
Find pictures elsewhere and display them here by linking. To link pictures, use this WikiFileTool.gif tool and select "External Image".