Following is a list of incomplete additions. Any time a project was started and left unfinished a quick note can be left here so you can pick it up later or let someone else know about opportunities to contribute.

Try to find full names for Sexy Ladies 1977.

Helping to identify Unknown Models is also appreciated, as is checking Possible AKAs.

Another naming issue: Elina Giani may have double-L in her first name and/or double-N in her last name. Double-check the BoL spellings and try to find a canonical reference. Alley Baggett's personal site has both doubles, FWIW.

Identify more models by last name in Playmate 2000 Part 1 and Playmate 2000 Part 2.

The really big project is to look over the model credits and examine the photos to deal with multiple models having the same name. Hopefully someone will find this a great excuse to pore over the pictures in great detail.