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The best place to get an idea how this site works is Quick Start. An overview and sort of "style sheet" is in Guidelines.

This page is for fine-tuning tips and handy resources. (A work in progress.)

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — zp2icon2.gif (Herm45 discovered this as one of us 3 who were getting the Playboy Wiki started.)
Your experience with posting in online forums can directly help you contribute to a Wiki.
Create your page as a post in a forum (such as in the Cyber Club) or even as a PM to yourself. Then copy your finished post
or PM, and paste it right onto a blank "New Page" here. (This works for any wikispace.) When copying, drag the cursor over
the post itself, exactly as anyone else would see it. Don't copy the code you typed to make it.

The result may not be absolutely perfect, but it will be pretty darn close. Your text and pictures will be automatically converted,
complete with the fonts and colors you used, included links, and even quoted posts within your post.
With this trick, the skills that you already have for posting in forums, can help ease you into contributing to a Wiki.

SMILEYS for WIKI (The button GIFs and others I use for special purposes are here too.)

For SOLID background color:
<span style="display: block; background-color: black;">

Replace "black" with other colors' name or code.

The color will only fill where there's a line of text.
So use "lines" with just one same-color "." for spacing.

To make color fill a || "box" || without a white space
at the bottom, omit the usual "</span>". Watch this, because
the wikicode likes to "help" by adding the missing "</span>".
You may have to re-delete it just before saving, or after an edit.

Example with BLACK background