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Playboy Plus

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Cyber Club

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Former jingle singer
Debra Raye
fuses jazz and
rock with
San Diego's Aria
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Debra Raye

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Redheaded rocker twins
Pam (left) and Paula Mattoli
are at the center of a
Florida phenomenon
called Gypsy Queen
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Pam and Paula Mattioli

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Natalie Pace
of psychedelic pop's
No Prisoners
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Natalie Pace

7external image 147121_main.jpg
Bettina Koster
graduated from a
German girl pop group
called Malaria to one
called In the Service Of
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Miss November 1974
Bebe Buell
of The B-Sides
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Bebe Buell

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Becky LeBeau
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Bass player Brinke Stevens
and singer/songwriter Linnea Quigley
of Linnea and the Skirts
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Brinke Stevens

Linnea Quigley

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Khari Paige
of Manhattan's Erocktica
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The Splitters do what might be
called bijou rock, and Dilithium -- a.k.a.
Celena Allen
-- is the featured attraction
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Cheryl Rixon
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Cheryl Rixon