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Miss May 1973 Anulka Dziubinska upstages Munich's best-known civic attraction, the Rathaus Glockenspiel, whose animated figures ring the bells each morning.
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Model Marlene Appelt prefers more bucolic surroundings, near Kochelsee in the Bavarian Alps.
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Alberta Brandenstein, sitting pensively in her city flat, models to supplement her schoolteacher income and expects to run a kindergarten someday.
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An actress with 28 films and many TV shows to her credit, Christa Linder pauses on the Leopoldstrasse.

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The Lady Godiva above is Hansi Lohmann, a professional stunt girl who's also a champion parachutist, a competitive car racer--and a belly dancer.
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Accountant Margie Ferstl, who hopes someday to leave the ledgers and take off for India, lounges in suburban Grünwald.
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Interestingly named Eva Garden, a journalist, actress and popular German cover girl, gets away from it all at a fog-blanketed lake outside Munich.
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Switzerland's Heidi Ulmer-Hartberger, who commutes regularly from Zurich in search of merchandise for the three shops she runs, relaxes on the Marienplatz.

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Poolside at the Arabella Hotel, model Kiki Golz shows why the Arabella is one of Munich's most popular singles hangouts.
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Jazz lover Evelyn Wilczek loosens up at Tiffany's, the local branch of a European disco chain.
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Nicola Schlubach, a psychology major who has studied in South Africa and Paris, encounters an abandoned Citroën near a busy highway.