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  1. allnatural
  2. arizona
  3. asian
  4. avgbreasts
  5. avgheight
  6. barmate
  7. black
  8. blackhair
  9. blonde
  10. blonde&brunette
  11. blueeyes
  12. bodypiercings
  13. born1930-1934
  14. born1935-1939
  15. born1940-1944
  16. born1945-1949
  17. born1950-1954
  18. born1955-1959
  19. born1960-1964
  20. born1965-1969
  21. born1970-1974
  22. born1975-1979
  23. born1980-1984
  24. born1985-1989
  25. born1990-1994
  26. breastimplants
  27. browneyes
  28. brunette
  29. california
  30. canada
  31. cg+om
  32. cgom
  33. coed
  34. cotm
  35. curlyhair
  36. curvy
  37. cybergirl
  38. england
  39. english
  40. eotm
  41. eurasian
  42. exotic
  43. florida
  44. freckles
  45. french
  46. fullbrazilian
  47. georgia
  48. german
  49. germany
  50. glasses
  51. greeneyes
  52. hazeleyes
  53. illinois
  54. indiana
  55. international
  56. intlplaymate
  57. italian
  58. landingstrip
  59. largebreasts
  60. latina
  61. lightblonde
  62. longhair
  63. longhair&shorthair
  64. louisiana
  65. michigan
  66. nativeamerican
  67. natural&implants
  68. nevada
  69. newjersey
  70. newyork
  71. ohio
  72. oklahoma
  73. pale
  74. pennsylvania
  75. petite
  76. pigtails
  77. playmate
  78. playmate1950s
  79. playmate1960s
  80. playmate1970s
  81. playmate1980s
  82. playmate1990s
  83. playmate2000s
  84. playmate2010s
  85. pmoy
  86. redhead
  87. shorthair
  88. slim
  89. smallbreasts
  90. swedish
  91. tall
  92. tanned
  93. tattoos
  94. texas
  95. toned
  96. ukcybergirl
  97. verylargebreasts
  98. verylonghair
  99. washington
  100. wisconsin

Complete Tag list
Begin your search with one tag and add more filters to find a specific type of model.

Playboy Wiki Tagging System

There are now over 19,000 tags in place. Not every model page has tags or a "complete set".
If you would like to help add tags, start by reading these instructions.

To tag a model page, first click the Page tab and then click Details and Tags.
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petite (5'3" and under), avgheight (5'4"-5'6"), tall (5'7" and over)
Eye color: blueeyes, browneyes, greeneyes, hazeleyes (mix of green and brown), ambereyes
Hair color: blonde, brunette, redhead, blackhair, lightblonde
Hair style: veryshorthair (level or above ears), shorthair (below ears to just below shoulders), longhair (to base of breasts), verylonghair (below breasts), curlyhair, pigtails
Body type: slim, curvy, toned (athletic and defined bodies). Slimness should not be judged just on waist size but waist in proportion to height.
Breast size: smallbreasts (29-32As & Bs, 34A), avgbreasts (32C-Ds, 34-36 Bs& Cs, small Ds), largebreasts (large Cs and Ds, 32DD& E), verylargebreasts (38D, all 34DDs and bigger)
Breast type: allnatural, breastimplants (this can be quite obvious or rather speculative. try to look over many photos before adding this tag.)
Waxing/Shaving style: naturaluntrimmed, naturaltrimmed, landingstrip (aka runway), mohawkwax (aka french, thick landingstrip), squarelandingstrip (aka chaplin moustache or postage stamp), trianglewax, brazilianwax (very thin landing strip), heartwax, freestylewax (i.e. logos or letters), fullbrazilianwax (aka hollywood, full hair removal)
Age range: 5 year ranges, ex. born1980-1984, born1985-1989, born1990-1994

State and/or Country of birth
Ethnicity i.e. spanish, french, chinese, italian, english, german, korean, swedish, black, latina, asian, eurasian, blasian, exotic (for unsure asian/pacific/native american origin)

Title (more than one may apply)
playmate, pmoy, cybergirl, cgom, cgoy, coed, cotm
intlplaymate (international editions Playmate)

More tags
perky, pale, tanned, freckles, dimples, tattoos, bodypiercings (excluding ears), glasses

Astrological sign

Specialty tags
natural&implants - This is for girls that first posed with natural breasts and posed again with implants.
blonde&brunette - girls who have alternatively blonde & brunette colored hair
twins, triplets

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