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The few suggestions received here since January 2012 are below.

&> It would be interesting to have a section on the PB jigsaws. They seemed appear/disappear/reappear at various times during the 60s 70s and 80s
and be in different sizes. Somebody must know the full story of them? -angst37

^ You mean an index of which Playmates had jigsaw puzzles? That would be cool. Scans of completed puzzles would be nice too.
My plate is full, but I'd support anyone who wanted to do this. Would you like to take charge of this little project, angst37? Try a post in the Forums
to stir up some interest and those people who "know the full story of them". -FT

&> As PB+ is in place for a year may be you can think about changing the way the wiki is presenting the PB+ topic Playmates. As they are not only posting
the PMoM but also PM´s from former months / years (not comparable with PMX) a list like you have f.e. under Cyber Girls would reduce confusion or loosing track.

^ I'm way late with a response to this, peterbo20, but an overhaul of this wiki was indeed being contemplated when you posted. PB+ will be much more
integrated in the new design. Other priorities keep delaying that overhaul, and PB+ has thrown us a lot of busy work as we have had to repeatedly revise
pages due to at least three successive format changes in the URLs they use for their index pages, pictorials, and individual image files. But we'll get there. -FT

&> I like to suggest "Previous" and "Next" buttons on the model's page, that would (obviously) take you to the next or previous month's model
without having to go back to the model directory. -mcemerson

^ Interesting idea. For models of week or year too I assume. Just buttons, or text links naming the previous or next model? Lots of work,
but possible if there's enough demand—and help. (Link right up there at top right.) Subject to other opinions of course… -FT

^^ Should note alternative: e.g, I put the Playmates list in a browser window positioned so the list shows at the left edge of my screen.
Then right-click to open a Playmate's page in a new window. Close her page, and select your next choice from the list—whether next, previous,
or any other month. Page up or down the list. Use the "decade" anchor points. Sometimes it's how you use what you've got. Maybe we should
have a page for "Users' Tips" in the sidebar with this and other tips anyone may contribute? Comments on this or the "button" idea? -FT

Re: "previous" and "next" topic
I like the idea in that it would create a "continuous" or linear feel for the wiki, not to mention being able to sort of scroll through alphabetically
(if I understand the OP correctly). However, it would require some definition as to who the "next" model in line would be since Playmates,
Cyber Girls, et al. are not all consistently contiguous. That is to say, Playmates are filed under Playmates, CGs under CGs, and so on. Where
crossover occurs (such as with Tiffany Toth and many more), it could start to get... complicated. So I guess my thoughts are, the idea is
cool in theory, but problematic in execution. I might also add that, as in other large databases, the object and purpose of the wiki might not be
to create a perfect portal where everything is accessible within a click, but mainly to provide users a general index that can be searched and
tagged, but requires a little knowhow and even effort on the part of the user. (this is all dependent on how the wiki creators envisioned this
project and limited by how much freedom PEI is willing to give.) Just my thoughts. -starspeo