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Special Editions: Striptease
This category has no videos, only pictorials.
For most models in this category, pictorials are repeats of Cyber Girl of the Month pictorials.

Alicia Burley
Aubrie Lemon
Carolee Bass
Christi Nicole Taylor
Erika Michelle Barré
Heather Marie Hoke
Heather McQuaid
Jeanette Marie
Kate Brenner
Katia Corriveau
Lynndell Pruitt
Mary Beth Decker
Merritt Cabal
Natasha Bernasek
Natasha Podkuyko
Shamron Moore
Shiloh McCormick
Susan Weiss
Tailor James
Tavania Kaye
Tila Nguyen
Veronika Szalai
Wendy Culp

Various Models
Exotic Dancers (listed as Rhonda Johnson; Cyber Club counterpart is here)
Girls of Bada Bing (listed as Marie Athanasiou; CC counterpart is here)
Pussycat Dolls (listed as Erica Gudis; CC counterpart is here)
Women of Scores (listed as Jackson Thi; CC counterpart is here)