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What is a wiki?
wiki |ˈwikē|
a Web site that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users.
ORIGIN coined by programmer Ward Cunningham (1949- ), from Hawaiian wiki-wiki ‘quick-quick.’
Like a forum, but ...
In a forum, you select a thread, and then you make a post in it.
In a wiki, you make a page, and then select where to link it. Just as simple, but the other way around.
    • In a wiki -(~like the Rabbit Zoo~)
            • ALL YOU DO IS MAKE PAGES . . .

What can I do on a page?
    • Anything you would do in a forum post.
    • Write stuff. Post pictures. Link videos. more... — — — — — — — — zp2icon2.gif- What's in a Name?

How do I make a new page?
    • Click "Pages and Files" in the left margin, right under the Rabbit Zoo logo, then "New Page".
    • You can start fresh, or use a template, or even paste your forum post onto it. more...

What do I link my new page to?
    • You can link any page to any other page. You can link it to more than one.
    • Some pages are used just to list other pages and group them together. These are "index pages". more...

How do I link my new page?
    • Put the name of your new page onto the page you want to link it to.
    • There, highlight the name of your page and click WikiLinkTool.gif in the toolbar at top. more...

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