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  • First of all, our links for the Cyber Club work the same as always. In fact, everything on our model pages
  • above the double line works just fine. It is only the Playboy Plus sections that have been adversely affected.

  • We can no longer take you directly to the pictures you want to see at Playboy Plus if they are single images (incl. Centerfolds).
  • We can only take you to the pictorial as a whole, and you must then count your way to the indicated pictures.

  • However, if the Title of a pictorial in the PB+ section is a link, then that leads to a custom PB Wiki thumb page.
  • That may help you find a picture more quickly even though we can no longer take you right to its file at PB+.

    • We were always able to link to Cyber Club pictures secured behind a firewall, where only members could see them.
    • But PB+ has not supported a similar arrangement. For a long time, they didn't protect Playboy's images at all at PB+,
    • and since then, rather than using a firewall to screen out only non-members, they have moved unsteadily towards
    • blocking individual image links for everyone including paying members.
    • Now their gradual blockage has reached a point where workarounds are no longer practical.

    • We are simply unable to continue providing the same degree of ease and convenience for
    • the paying customers of Playboy Plus, that we still provide for Cyber Club members.
    • For PB+, we still tell you which pictures a model is in; we just cannot link directly to them.

  • This affects only single-image links in the "Playboy Plus" sections of our model pages, and our custom thumb pages for pictorials.
  • Links to videos or entire pictorials at PB+ work the same as before. And all the links for the Cyber Club & Playboy Girls still work.

    • This latest step by Playboy Plus has broken many of our links,
    • and it will take weeks if not months to fix them. Please be patient.

      • If you would like to help speed this up, VOLUNTEERS ARE MOST WELCOME.
      • We will show you what you need to do, so no experience with wikis is required.
      • ( It is boring, methodical work, but can you sign on to fix 10 pages? 100 pages? )