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01. . . . .Miss January. . . . .00
external image 01-med.jpg
Nicole Narain
02. . . . .Miss February. . . . .00
external image 02-med.jpg
Anka Romensky
03. . . . . . . . Miss March . . . . . . . .00
external image 03-med.jpg
Tina Jordan
04. . . . . . . . .Miss April. . . . . . . . .00
external image 04-med.jpg
Heather Carolin

05. . . . . . . . .Miss May. . . . . . . . .00
external image 05-med.jpg
Christi Shake
06. . . . . . . . .Miss June. . . . . . . . .00
external image 06-med.jpg
Michele Rogers
07. . . . . . .Miss July. . . . . . .00
external image 07-med.jpg
Lauren Anderson
08. . . . . .Miss August. . . . . .00
external image 08-med.jpg
Christina Santiago

09. . . .Miss September. . . .00
external image 09-med.jpg
Shallan Meiers
10. . . . .Miss October. . . . .00
external image 10-med.jpg
Teri Harrison
11. . . .Miss November. . . .00
external image 11-med.jpg
Serria Tawan
12. . . . .Miss December. . . . .00
external image 12-med.jpg
Lani Todd

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Nicole Narain

- 01 -

Nicole has been getting her groove on as the lead girl in the videos for LL Cool J's Lov U Better and Bradshaw's You Remind Me. "I'm making
my reel right now, and I interviewed them both for it," she says. She's also done magazine covers, The Howard Stern Show and two TV pilots
(in one she acts as a reality show host who uncovers catfighting behind the scenes of a beauty pageant).
"I want to thank Hef for giving me a chance. Becoming PMOY would be icing on the cake!"
Anka Romensky

- 02 -

Listen up -- you might hear Anka on the radio soon. "I started recording my demo tape this past fall," she says. "I sing R&B-style love ballads.
It's very sensual and has a little kick to it." The Russian songbird and actress has a new home and a new website, msanka.com. "I moved
out of my mom's place, but only one floor up, so I just have to walk downstairs for a home-cooked meal," she says.
"Every morning I'm on the computer responding to e-mail. I write back to every one of my fans."
Tina Jordan

- 03 -

"I moved out of the Mansion to spend more time with my daughter and to work on my career and website, tinajordan.com," says Tina.
"Hef was exhausting me -- it's a never ending party with him!" Tina appeared on MTV's Cribs and on The Howard Stern Show. "I've been
doing signings to the point where I can't even write my name anymore," she says. "It's a pleasure to do even if my name isn't legible.
I stay until I finish every one because I never want to disappoint a fan."
Heather Carolin

- 04 -

Everyone's favorite party girl now lives 10 blocks from the beach in southern California. "I wanted to get away from my small town,"
Heather says. "I moved here with my best friend, who I've gone to school with since I was 10. We just got a new puppy." Heather
played the lead in a video for the Calling and had a two-page spread in the herbalist publication High Times.
"I still want to be a race-car driver and would love to do Celebrity Grand Prix for Playboy," she says.
Christi Shake

- 05 -

There is clubwear and sexy lingerie for sale on Christishake.com, and Christi is working on a cosmetics line. She's appeared on the
TV show Oblivious and worked the Guess fashion show with several other Playmates. "I'm still studying acting, but I want to take
some child psychology courses, too," she says. "I posed for Playboy Japan and did an autograph signing there.
I want to thank the boys everywhere for writing to me and showing support. It's so sweet."
Michele Rogers

- 06 -

"Since my issue came out, I've been doing a ton of promotional work, parties and special events for Playboy," says Michele. "I've never had
a summer where I got to wake up whenever I wanted to, so I went to the beach and just chilled with my girlfriends." Michele says she would
use her Playmate of the Year money to open the boutique she's always wanted. "I would be the first Miss June to become the
Playmate of the Year," she says. "My family and friends are my biggest fans."
Lauren Anderson

- 07 -

Lauren took some time off from school to do promotional work for Playboy. "I went overseas to judge Playboy Greece's Playmate of the Year
contest," she says. "It was my first time out of the U.S." The future veterinarian marched on Capitol Hill for PETA and is mourning the loss
of her pet duck. "Marble was paralyzed and had multiple sclerosis," she says. "I miss him. Right now I'm busy and not at home,
but when I return I want more pet ducks and squirrels."
Christina Santiago

- 08 -

Christina wants to do more acting, singing and dancing but she refuses to make an impulse move to Los Angeles. "I want to try everything
so it looks good on my résumé and people know that I've been trained in different parts of the business," she says. Right now she's
doing commercials and promotional work and eyeing the PMOY title. "There are a lot more natural girls this year," she says.
"To the Playboy readers who appreciate a down-to-earth, ethnic, city girl: Pick me!"
Shallan Meiers

- 09 -

Shallan has been working on her web page and doing a lot of promotional work. "A normal job is definitely out of the question. At one signing,
a guy who competes in the Special Olympics gave me one of his medals," she says. "I told him, 'This is such a sweet gesture,
but I can't take it!' He insisted. When Playboy asked me to pick my charity for the Street Smarts game show, I chose the
Special Olympics. If someone can be that thoughtful toward me, I ought to give it back."
Teri Harrison

- 10 -

Teri made her TV debut on ABC's College Football Preview and followed that with an appearance on The Man Show.
"I turned the tables on Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla by becoming the Playboy photographer," she says. "I had them on the bed,
smacking their asses and making love to the camera. It was a funny skit." Teri wants to be a TV host -- for now.
"I think when I'm older I would like to read movie scripts," she says. "But not yet -- I'm too distracted."
Serria Tawan

- 11 -

Script genie Serria Tawan is overseeing two of her screenplays; one titled Moscow Fiasco is in pre-production. She also has acted in
six independent movies, including Confidence with Dustin Hoffman and The Sisterhood as the lead vampire. "What I'm happiest about
is getting a position at a shelter for abused women and children," she says. "I care about people and think everybody should volunteer."
Look for an Olivia De Berardinis pin-up painting of Serria at rbeditions.com.
Lani Todd

- 12 -

"I helped host a party with Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra on Playboy TV," says Lani. "You need to be trained in acting. I would
love to start out as a host, because it came naturally to me." As does hosting wayward animals, we discovered. "When I was staying at
the Mansion, I adopted a kitty that had wandered onto the property," she says. "No one claimed him, and I just fell in love with the little guy.
I kept him for two weeks and then flew him home to live with me."