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. . . and now found.

On May 12, 2013, the 56 personal pages that had been lost were posted at the Playboy Fan Forum here: -Playmate Personal Pages
Thanks to PBDan, Manwin's Playboy.com Product Manager, for rescuing these files from the bulldozer.
Now we only have to worry about the 64 other personal pages that have remained up during this time,
but which may face the bulldozer if and when the Cyber Club is taken down . . .

The notes below are being retained for their description of the Personal Pages and their "history".

In March 2012, all of the 56 Playmate Personal Pages that were hosted at the Playboy.com site were lost
because the original Playboy.com site was bulldozed and a completely different site was put in its place.

So what exactly was lost? — treasures like this: DeDe-photoalbum01.jpg DeDe-marketbig02.jpg (More examples below)

Those two survive ONLY because they were used for DeDe Lind's PBWiki page. Both are from her Personal Pages and
they are found nowhere else in Playboy's online sites. With only 7 pics in her Playmate File and precious little else,
DeDe's Personal Page pictures were more than half of all we had of her.

Many Playmates had Personal Pages hosted at an early version of Playboy.com, most of them introduced about 2000-2001.
These had certain standard features, but each Playmate's pages were personalized, each with its own unique and distinctive
graphic style, and they also varied considerably in the quantity and "richness" of their content. Standard features included a
Biographical page or pages (sometimes called "My Story"), Personal Photo Albums, and a Marketplace section where fans
could order various autographed pictures and similar items.

"Personal Pages" were provided on behalf of almost every Playmate of the Year, but many Playmates, even some PMOYs,
took an active interest in their pages. They wrote their own bios, selected candid snapshots, and shared original artwork and more
on supplemental pages of their own choice. So these pages held some unique gems, including exclusive nudes. Other pages were
rather lean, and PMOY pages especially were prone to include bios written for them by Gretchen Edgren, who later put together both
The Playboy Book (the black one) and The Playmate Book (the white one). Some pages included sets of photos that were unique
at the time, but were later largely incorporated into their Playmate of the Year pictorials in the Cyber Club. And Gretchen's bios got
their own links in the "extra" section of Playmate Files. Because of those bios and the PMOY pictorials, some of the content of
some lost Personal Pages has been retained. At least, it has been retained unless and until the Cyber Club gets trashed also.

The Playmate Personal Pages were always a messy little project, varying not only in content and style, but also in their hosting,
links, and general support by Playboy's webmasters. One batch of 56 were hosted at the Playboy.com site, but their links there
eventually got buried to the point that you had to search the site map to find them. ( It is this batch of 56 that has just been lost.)
Another 64 Personal Pages of similar concept are still hosted directly at the Cyber Club, and links to both sets of Personal Pages
are found in Playmate Files under "extra".

About 2007, all Playmates got standardized one-page intros at a newer version of Playboy.com. These were very different from
the original concept, but they were also called "Playmate Personal Pages". For a while, the links in Playmate Files were redirected
to these "pseudo" personal pages, but links to the originals were eventually restored. Even now though, clicking in certain places
in "real" Personal Pages will bring up a standardized one-page intro—or would do so, except they're all gone now too.

Nancie Li Brandi's Christmas picture below was saved because it too had been used in her PBWiki page.
The other two are among the successful recoveries of pictures so far.
1976.01_subad-Nancie_LiBrandi-07-pers.jpgexternal image photo17-l.jpgexternal image market02-l.jpg

The very convolutedness of their hosting gives some hope that some images may be recovered.
Thankfully, DeDe's two pictures above provided a key that I have used to recover about 20 more of her pictures, and some others.
That's because the pages hosted at Playboy.com used some pictures that were hosted back over at the Cyber Club.
So some pics are still somewhere in the Cyber Club, but lost because their only links were in the just-deleted Playboy.com site. zp2dizzy.gif

Between the clues preserved in DeDe's pics above and the Internet Archives "Wayback Machine",

I hope to recover more images from lost Playmate Personal Pages. You can use these tools also, without waiting for me.
But even this chance will be lost if the Cyber Club is deleted as the original Playboy.com site was deleted.