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Playboy TV Episode Guide:

Hot Babes Doing Stuff Naked

(Hot Babes Doing Stuff Naked on the old PBTV site)

This page provides links for the show page and individual episodes both for the current Playboy TV site and also the predecessor site.

Videos on the new site have logos in the bottom right corner, sometimes unreasonably large; those on the old site are free of logos. Available resolutions on the new site are 272-320-368-480-720-1080p, and on the old site, 432p only. The HD options (720p and 1080p) are sometimes upscaled versions of lower resolution originals, rather than true HD. Aspect ratio is 16:9 in all cases.

Episode 1 - Truck Wash (5:18)- - - - - - -
(Ep. 1 on the old site)
Hannah Harper, Addison Rose, Barbie Murdock, Brooke Banner

Episode 2 - Gun Range (5:13)
(Ep. 2 on the old site)
Daisy Marie, Tiffani Hollowell, Addison Rose, Lacie Heart

Episode 3 - Deep Sea Fishing (6:01)
(Ep. 3 on the old site)
Carli Banks, Tiffany Taylor*, Cassie Young, Nikki Kane, Melissa Jacobs
*not the Tiffany Taylor

Episode 4 - Rollerskating (6:09)
(Ep. 4 on the old site)
Cassia Walton, Brooke Barnes, Gizelle Medrano, Marlie Moore

Episode 5 - Farming (7:32)
(Ep. 5 on the old site)
Erika Jordan, Heather Gilbo, Jessica Kramer, Samantha Martinez

Episode 6 - Bull Riding (7:00)
(Ep. 6 on the old site)
Samantha Martinez, Erika Jordan, Jessica Kramer, Heather Gilbo

Episode 7 - Chicken Fighting (6:20)
(Ep. 7 on the old site)
Jelena Jensen, Melissa Jacobs, Kate Brenner, Sasha Singleton

Episode 8 - House Cleaning (5:31)
(Ep. 8 on the old site)
Sasha Singleton, Jelena Jensen, Melissa Jacobs, Kate Brenner

Episode 9 - Demolition (7:07)
(Ep. 9 on the old site)
Andrea Lowell, Zoe Britton, Brooke Barnes, Amber Fox

Episode 10 - Volleyball (5:33)
(Ep. 10 on the old site)
Zoe Britton, Andrea Lowell, Brooke Barnes, Amber Fox

Episode 11 - Tennis (7:07)
(Ep. 11 on the old site)
Qiana Chase, Cassandra Lynn, Katie Lohmann

Episode 12 - Dog Washing (4:21)
(Ep. 12 on the old site)
Katie Lohmann, Qiana Chase, Cassandra Lynn

Episode 13 - Picnic Games (7:02)
(Ep. 13 on the old site)
Barbie Murdock, Sara Stokes, Amanda Evans, Christine Nguyen

Episode 14 - Grape Stomping (6:17)
(Ep. 14 on the old site)
Christine Nguyen, Amanda Evans, Barbie Murdock, Sara Stokes

Episode 15 - Basketball (7:33)
(Ep. 15 on the old site)
Jillian Grace, Jordan Monroe, Qiana Chase, Amanda Paige

Episode 16 - Gardening (6:24)
(Ep. 16 on the old site)
Amanda Paige, Jordan Monroe, Qiana Chase, Jillian Grace

Episode 17 - Horseback Riding (7:10)
(Ep. 17 on the old site)
Sara Jean Underwood, Nicole Voss, Heather Rene Smith, Lindsay Wagner

Episode 18 - Camping (6:34)
(Ep. 18 on the old site)
Heather Rene Smith, Sara Jean Underwood, Nicole Voss, Lindsay Wagner