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Joanne Arnold

Miss May 1954
5' 5"
Birthday: April 1, 1931

Cyber Club

Playmate File. . . . . . 12 pics / Centerfold

PLAYBOY Covers: March 1954 / August 1955 . . . . .


IMDb - No nude roles,
. . . . but if you really want to see Joanne in motion, "Girl Gang" (1954) is on DVD.

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Miss January 1954 . . . 12 pics / Centerfold


Ummm, about that "Centerfold"...
Joanne's Playmate File takes care to note that Peter Gowland is not responsible for it,
although he took the wonderful pictures in her pictorial there. Joanne looks awesome,
but the "Centerfold's" atrocious lighting gives her a Hitler mustache & a partial goatee.
So what happened? Was early PLAYBOY so cash-strapped that Hef was forced to say,
" We paid $50 for that calendar shot and dadgummit, we're gonna use it !" ???
On the other hand, it was the first Playmate picture to completely fill the 2 center pages.

Joanne in her "Centerfold" was anonymous like most other early Playmates. But like many others preceding the introduction
of Playmates as "Girls next door", Joanne was also an established figure model, well known to astute readers at the time.
Sometimes, PLAYBOY let out their names, as when Joanne appeared (not quite nude) in March '54's "Sex Sells a Shirt".
The 1st evidence of readers' familiarity was in a July '54 "Dear Playboy" letter extolling "Joyful Joanne"—and requesting
Eve Meyer, who in fact appeared almost a year later.

Gowland's pictorial includes unusual poses where both the picture & Joanne are well-composed ... underwater. Nice work!
Many are out-takes from an Aug '55 pictorial called "Gowland's Cool Pool". File pic #12 was there filling more than a page–
–and in color. But only 2 sizeable revealing nudes were there that we don't see here. And none of what we do see, except #12.
Modern viewers—especially Cyber Club members wishing this or that picture were in a Playmate File—should appreciate
that contemporary readers of PLAYBOY magazine never saw most of the pictures that we enjoy in even the very small early
Playmate Files. They saw the single anonymous nude calendar-company picture featured as the Playmate – and that was all.