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Playboy Wiki Guidelines

Joining this wiki does not give one access to free pictorials. You must be a subscriber of the different Playboy membership sites to access most links.
For information on joining Playboy membership sites, visit these front door pages for the Cyber Club, Playboy Girls Network, Playboy.TV and Playboy Mobile.

General Guidelines

Playboy Wiki membership is not required to simply browse the site.
Membership is required for editing, message posting and tagging. You can register for a free Wikispaces.com account here.
The owners of this wiki reserve the right to remove users who engage in activities not in line with these guidelines or the Playboy terms and conditions.
New/inexperienced members should first run edits by the page's original author before making any changes.
No personal information should be added ever. Specifically, a model's real name that is unassociated with Playboy modeling.
Information regarding upcoming models and pictorials should be confirmed by Playboy Newsletters or "Coming Soon" pages.
Not every Casting Call model is going to make it in Playboy. Please wait until she is published in a pro shoot before creating her page.

Page Structure Guidelines

In order to keep the Playboy Wiki structured and neat, the following guidelines should be followed when adding or editing anything within the wiki.
List the model's name and any alias she may be known as in other Playboy features. Date of birth and vital stats can also be included.
Create and categorize links to every feature found in the Cyber Club, Special Editions Club and Playboy Girls Network.
Refrain from using "@" in front of a URL that will cause the link to open in a new window.
Upload photos using "Manage Wiki" and observe the following.
  • nude images are allowed and should be kept to a moderate amount per page (1 to 3).
  • filenames should include the model's name (do not upload "07-lrg.jpg").
  • use variety for sample photos (a headshot, frontal nude, and/or rear nude).
  • please do not use a photo that is too explicit.
After creating a new model page, add her link to the applicable directory page(s).
Models are listed in alphabetical order by first name on directory pages.

Reporting Errors

Use the Discussion tab on a model's page to report the following.
  • dead links or misleading links.
  • anything we may have missed.
  • errors found within the Cyber Club or Playboy Girls Network.
Please do not use the Discussion tab for posting personal comments about the model.