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. . The Cyber Club is dead, and the Playboy Wiki will probably soon follow.

1. Playboy Wiki has been put on notice by our web host Wikispaces that they will no longer host "adult" content. We must leave by Nov 14, 2014.
. . We could fix that. We have everything backed up, we've been testing transfers, and we had potential new hosts, including even "Playboy Plus".
. . . . . . . .HOWEVER...
2. It has been requested that Playboy Wiki no longer link to Playboy.com, Playmates.com, or any "subdomains" of Playboy.com —
. . that would mean no links for Special Editions Club, Playboy Girls Network, or the Cyber Club. See details here: Broken links . . . broken Wiki?
. . That would defeat the founding purpose of PB Wiki: to connect fans with ALL Playboy content for Playboy models.
. . . . . . . .and WORSE...
3. We were informed Oct 14 that the Cyber Club would be taken offline soon. (…"the subdomain cyber.playboy.com will be removed shortly"…)
. . . . . . . . . . . . "Soon" and "shortly" turned out to be Oct 18 as I was modifying this page. The Cyber Club is dead, R.I.P.
. . Playboy Plus still lacks nearly all SE Club content, and significant Cyber Club content including Daily Doubles and much more.
. . So everything that is grey in the Playboy Plus sections of our model pages might never be transferred to Playboy Plus.

. . So, if there is anything at Playboy Wiki or the Cyber Club that you want to save, grab it now.
Right-click and save a whole page, pics & all, as a WebArchive. Even Zoom versions of Centerfolds. Models' pages, galleries, lists—get it now.

THANK YOU to all our 3,097 members—including the poor guy who just joined today—for sticking with us
through plenty of rough times before this. | Thanks especially to contributors past & present who made it what it was.

If you have been a Cyber Club member, - YOU CAN STILL GET IN - and continue to use all of our links:


> -https://secure.playboy.com/login/index.php/login/index/pbg- <
> -https://secure.playboy.com/login/index.php/login/index/pbtv- <

Even if you're not a member of Playboy Girls or PBTV, CLICK TO LOG IN ANYWAY.
That will take you to the "Members Gateway" portal that allows you
to continue on to any site you have been a member of . . . including the Cyber Club.

The first page of the CC may take a very long time to load,
but YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT in order to use our links.
In fact, you don't have to go past the "Members Gateway" portal.
Just come back and use the links in the Wiki.

The text below is from an earlier version of this page, before recent developments. Some of it could still be relevant to a limited "Playboy Wiki"
that could be resurrected sometime, somewhere. Any comments or suggestions can be sent to pbwiki.001@gmail.com

When our links to the old sites do break with no way around it, you can still use our pages to see what PB+ has, compared with what they should have.
Everything that was available for each model is in the upper part of our pages, above the double line. Below it is what PB+ has so far, according to
our most recent updates. Most of our work for months has been to increase our coverage of PB+, despite many hindrances. Any premature loss of
access to the old sites would not only deprive you of everything not yet transferred, but make it even harder for us at the PB Wiki to improve our pages.

Our plan had been that eventually, when the lower part of each page looked like the upper part—meaning that everything was transferred to PB+ —
that we could delete the upper section. That would leave a page with only links to PB+, but with its contents organized in the familiar way it was
in the Cyber Club and PGN. Now that they threaten to pull the plug before they finish the job, we may have to leave all our pages with both sections,
so that you can at least see what it is that they have left out.