Thank you:
Thank you to all the informative, entertaining, creative, and appreciative posters who I encountered in the Playboy Forums.
It was months before I even bothered to look at them, but you made them much more than I ever imagined they could be.

You can reach me via wiki Mail using this link: FireballTarget

Here is where I may be spending more time after this:

I'm not giving up on it yet. It is theoretically possible that Manwin may yet suffer an attack of good sense, and restoresupport to the Wiki. They could suffer an epidemic of good sense and archive the Cyber Club and restore the Forums.They could get a hold of some really good drugs. If that doesn't happen, it is hard to imagine that anyone wouldcare to do for Manwin what fans did for Playboy. We'll have to see what there is left to work with, and what benefitthere might be for Playboy fans. If there is anything the Wiki can continue to do, by PB fans for Playboy fans, it will.I can imagine several possible roles even if the Cyber Club and PGN go down, wiping out 95% of our links.Even if "Playboy Plus" astounds us with an excellent built-in search function rendering a wiki-based searchunnecessary. But we'll have to see what happens in the next few weeks and months.
the Rabbit Zoo
This is the most enjoyable project I have ever been a part of. Creative posts featuring beautiful nude women!
The pictures are/were hosted in the Cyber Club though, so if/when it goes, the Zoo will lose its pictures.
I'm not giving up on it though. I will replace as many pictures as I can, as quickly as I can, by finding alternate
sources to link to. To whatever degree that succeeds, there will be a beneficial side effect, as the Zoo could be
enjoyed even by visitors who are not logged in to the former site.

I have a webarchive page of each and every Zoo page, so I can still see them even offline. That will ensure that
restored pages will have equivalent pictures. But there's much more in store. More than half of the posts that
were in the pipeline for the Rabbit Zoo have still never appeared in it. That includes many more that were not yet
transposed from the Forums, and hundreds more that were never posted even there. And I tend to keep the best for last.

The Zoo started as a refuge for the Forums' creative threads, back in September of 2010. Back then, the motive was
to avoid binge posters who buried creative stuff by spamming pictures. There was also the problem of broken picture links
as gratuitous changes were made to the URLs of pictorials, and the damn post-edit time limit meant we couldn't fix the
posts in the Forums. Not only did we avoid those problems by moving to a wikispace, but we found far better tools and
resources that we could use creatively. We just had to link back to pictures in the Cyber Club — oops. Damn you Manwin!

This site collects my favorites of the pictures collected on "my" various "object" or "position" threads in the Forums.
Although there were often "witty" captions in the Forum posts in those threads, this wiki displays only my favorite
pictures, with only the name of the model. The best of the best are concentrated in "Editor's Choice" galleries.

Position threads include "Boobs from Behind", "Mounds", "Gravity is Our Friend!", "Pillows", "Window Dressing",
and other threads by Herm45 ("Bras under Breasts" & "Bustiers, Corsets, etc.") and by philhack ("Neathage").
Object threads include "She's Got Balls!!", "D'oh !!", "Reading, Writing, and 'Rithmetic", "Wild! Animals!",
"Statue-esque", "The Playboy Fan Club", and "The Playboy Chess Club".

Maintaining or rebuilding this site will also depend on finding alternate picture sources for the links.

pml1 : Playboy Mailing List at Yahoo! Groups
This has always been the place to go for serious discussions regarding Playboy. I've never had time to actively
participate in Forum threads and several wikis and PML too. That may now change.
PlayboySpecialEditions WikiI have a near complete collection from about 2005 back. I'll be spending more time enjoying the thousands ofpictorial gems in the Newsstand Specials that should have been —but never were— the basis for the oldSpecial Editions website. They should have been put on a second Playboy Hard Drive. Hmmm....
A really good Playboy Video wiki . . .Yeah, one has been revived that I built the foundations for, but it isn't as slick, as complete, or as first-handauthoritative as it should be. Bring back Midnight Owl! Well, if we can't do that, we can beat that Homey thing...If Manwin manages to kill everything else, I may finally have time to do it right.
Other useful Links:
Playboy Retro : All the hottest Playmates from the '50s, '60s, & '70s
Ex-Playboy Bunnies Website
Playboy Blog (current) Playmates, Cyber Girls (maybe not-so-current anymore), Coeds and Special Editions models
G1 GlossaryOne (Unofficial Playboy Statistics)
Playboy Lists at Wikipedia
Oh wait, did I forget to mention Playboy Plus? No. I did not forget.I really would like to recommend Mystique though. Mark Daughn is the best photographer Playboy failed to hire.Unfortunately, they too are selling their website to some other entity. There goes my lifetime subscription...