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Cyber Girl of the Week was introduced on September 1, 2000. (directory page)
CGOW is the commonly used abbreviation.

Excerpt from the September 2000 Newsletter:


We'll start with the biggest news of the month. Welcome to next step in the evolution of entertainment for "men" — Playboy's Cyber Girl.
Every Monday in the new Playboy's Cyber Girl section of the Playboy Cyber Club, a pictorial will appear showcasing the latest Cyber Girl.
Then, during the first week of the following month, we post a poll featuring all of the Cyber Girls from the previous month. Playboy
Cyber Club members get to cast a vote for their favorite model. The voting lasts one week. And just like voting for the President, each
member gets to cast a single ballot. The Cyber Girl of the Week with the most votes gets named Playboy's Cyber Girl of the Month. That
woman will be photographed anew by Playboy staff in a more extensive pictorial — with still photos, video clips and many other surprises
— all of which gets unveiled throughout her one-month reign in the Playboy Cyber Club.

The inaugural Cyber Girl of the Month will appear in January 2001, chosen from the four September 2000 Cyber Girls of the Week, and
her identity will remain secret until her debut.

Cyber Girl of the Week

New pictorials were only occasionally shot specifically for the Cyber Girl of the Week feature.
More often, the pictorials come from other photo shoots in the world of Playboy.
Playboy also accepted CGOW pictorial submissions from outside photographers.

Cyber Girls of the Week appeared from September 1, 2000 (Stephanie Heinrich) through February 23, 2012 (Mandy Flores).

4 Cyber Girl of the Week pictorials have been permanently removed from the Cyber Club:
Tiffany Holliday
Lani Todd - She became a Playmate.
Holly Madison - Her pictorial was removed shortly after publication and replaced by Lana Kinnear.
Rachel Lorraine
The Playboy Wiki's CGOW index nevertheless manages not to have any gaps...

Many other Cyber Girls listed in Newsletters were never published or had a name change for their Playboy appearance.

Cyber Girl of the Month

The first Cyber Girl of the Month feature was published during January 2001. (directory page)
CGOM is the commonly used abbreviation.

Excerpt from the January 2001 Newsletter


Mark your calendars. On Friday January 5 the first-ever Cyber Girl of the Month pictorial debuts. This begins a month of exclusive pictorials,
chats, Pen Pal letters and video of the sexy Stephanie Heinrich. If you thought she looked great in her Girls of Conference USA photo or her
Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial, you'll go absolutely crazy when you see not only her special New Year's Day themed pictorial, but also her
January 19 pictorial. Four words -- log cabin and fireplace. Check in every Friday to see what Stephanie has in store for you.

A CGOM was featured in weekly pictorials and/or videos for her entire month.
Other "fun" features were sometimes added, such as Flash-powered "Virtual Stripteases", or "From the Mouths of Babes" Q&A clips.

Cyber Girls of the Month appeared from January 2001 (Stephanie Heinrich) through February 2012 (Jade Bryce).

At least one Cyber Girl of the Month did not appear:
Of the November 2011 CGOWs, Tiffany Crystal was designated to become CGOM for March 2012.
The pictorial and videos in recognition of her title were never made, due to the Cyber Club winding down,
and Playboy Plus not being up to speed. But she is still "Cyber Girl of the Month - March 2012". More here and here.

Cyber Girl of the Year

The first Cyber Girl of the Year feature was published in April 2002. (directory page)
CGOY is the commonly used abbreviation.

Excerpt from the January 2002 Newsletter

Happy New Year from all of us at the Cyber Club. Or as we like to call it, Year Two of the Cyber Girl of the Month era.
Along with voting for 12 more CGOMs in 2002, you'll be able to wield your electoral prowess by voting for the first-ever
Cyber Girl of the Year. Just like with CGOM, members are the only ones who will decide who becomes CGOY 2002.
Check out our special CGOY pictorial -- and cast your vote -- beginning January 14.

Since 2006, CGOY features have been published in monthly installments for an entire year.

Miss March 2006 Monica Leigh was announced as the 2006 CGOY after she was already a published Playmate.

Cyber Girls of the Year appeared from 2002 (Erika Michelle Barré) through 2011 (Bethanie Badertscher).

Cyber Girl Xtra

The first Cyber Girl Xtra feature was published in June 2007. (directory page)
CGX is the commonly used abbreviation.

Like CGOM, CGX was a new photo shoot with pictorials and videos released throughout the month.

Any CGOW could shoot a CGX, regardless if she won or lost CGOM voting.

Except for October 2009,
Cyber Girl Xtra features were published monthly from June 2007 (Kimberly Williams) through January 2012 (Jurgita Valts).

Playboy Plus (PB+) "Cybergirls"

In February 2012, two Cyber Girls, Hillary Fisher and Jennie Reid, became the first two models presented as "Playboy Plus Originals".

As of March 29, 2012, no new models of any kind were published in the Cyber Club, which was no longer updated.

New models called "Cybergirls" (one word) now appear in the Playboy Plus site, but they do not "reign" for a particular week.
They do not appear on any regular schedule at all, but they appear much more frequently — more than once a week, sometimes even two in a day.

"Cybergirls of the Month" and "Cybergirls of the Year" also appear at Playboy Plus.
It's a mystery how they are chosen. Some are not even regular "Cybergirls" prior to getting the "of the Month" title..
The first "PB+ CGOM", Tierra Lee for April 2012, was an "old school" CGOW from December 19, 2011. But there was no voting by Cyber Club members.

In a step closer to the Cyber Club's treatment of Cyber Girls, the new Playboy.com free site held a vote in April 2012 for the next PB+ CGOM.
Playboy.com labeled the vote as for "April 2012" CGOM, but of course a vote in April should be for a May CGOM or later.
Among the contestants was Jennie Reid, already a "traditional" CGOM (February 2010).
( In the Cyber Club, the candidates were all the CGOWs in a given month, and the winner became CGOM four months later. )
Were they moving "a step closer"? Never mind... after fumbling around with a few votes with no clear conditions for candidacy or who could vote,
people at PB+ just pick whoever they feel like featuring as "PB+ Cybergirl of the Month", without any discernible "due process":

"April 2012" - Tierra Lee, the Cyber Club's December 19, 2011 CGOW (One of 4 Dec 2011 CGOWs, but there was no vote.)
"May 2012" - Shantal Monique, the Cyber Club's November 21, 2011 CGOW (A legit CGOW, but already lost to last legit CGOM Tiffany Crystal.)
"June 2012" - Kari Nautique, one of seven PB+ "Cybergirls" in March 2012. (Jan 2012 CGOWs were passed over; now Feb 2012 also were.)
"July 2012" - Taylor Seinturier, a "Playboy Plus Original" in the Cyber Club in February 2012, retro-actively designated a PB+ "Cybergirl" at the PB+ site.
"Jan 2013" - Dani Mathers, a "Cybergirl of the Month" who had not even been a "Cybergirl" previously.
. . . . . . . . . . At least in Dani's case, having become Miss May 2014, her Playmate title transcends any arguably dubious PB+ title.

In May 2012, Leanna Decker was recognized as "PB+ Cybergirl of the Year" for 2012.
Unlikely that CC voting determined it, but at least she was a popular choice (based on Playboy Forum posts and threads pre-dating the Manwin takeover).
The 2013 winner was a CGOW back in 2010, but never a CGOM. PB+ brought her back in 3 different months as a "PB+ Cybergirl",
then made her a "PB+ CGOM". There was voting for "PB+ CGOY" this time, but they announced an "overwhelming" winner
who was only fifth in the Forum poll, with less than a third the votes of the Forums' runaway favorite.

Because of the inflated number of models, and other changes associated with the title of "Cybergirl" at PB+, so different from Cyber Girls in the CC,
such new models are designated in this wiki as "PB+ Cybergirls" and are listed separately from traditional Cyber Girls of the Week.
New "PB+ CGOMs" and "PB+ CGOYs" will similarly be listed separately from traditional CGOMs and CGOYs.
We'll call the "PB+" versions "CG+OM" and "CG+OY" respectively. The models may be fine, but the titles are not comparable to the Cyber Club titles.

Other Cyber Girl Facts

16 Cyber Girls have become Playmate of the Month
Stephanie Heinrich Miss October 2001
Lani Todd Miss December 2002
Rebecca Ramos Miss January 2003
Charis Boyle Miss February 2003
Carmella DeCesare Miss April 2003 & 2004 PMOY
Tailor James Miss June 2003
Audra Lynn Miss October 2003
Nicole Whitehead Miss May 2004
Kimberly Holland Miss October 2004
Monica Leigh Miss March 2006
Stephanie Larimore Miss June 2006
Sarah Elizabeth Miss November 2006
Candice Cassidy Miss June 2009
Jessa Lynn Hinton Miss July 2011
Tiffany Toth Miss September 2011
Beth Williams Miss August 2012

Playmate Relatves
Amy McCarthy is the sister of Miss October 1993 Jenny McCarthy
Caitlin Ann is the daughter of Miss March 1976 Ann Pennington
Farrah Mancini is the daughter of Miss May 1964 Terri Kimball

Cyber Girl Twins and Triplets
Sarah & Rachel Campbell
Vicki, Sarah & Rachel Satterfield
Rikki & Vikki Ikki
Cassie & Kat Kellerman

Miss Social winners published as Cyber Girls
Krystal Harlow
Cassandra Marie
Bre Marie

Many Coed of the Week models have gone on to become Cyber Girls.
Susie Christine and Miranda Jordan started as Cyber Girls and were featured again as Coeds.