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We all have our reasons . . . - - - - - - - - - - . . . and our Expectations!

"I am someone who loves researching anything and everything and would find this wiki a huge asset in my quest for knowledge. Thank you."

"You Playboy database if fantastic!"

"Hi, I've been a long-time admirer of how well organized this site is. I appreciate the hard work, just as much as I appreciate Playboy!"

"I would like to join the playboywiki wiki"

"great siteeeee"

"I'll be forever indebted to youze..."

"Hiermit beantrage ich die Mitgliedschaft im playboywiki wiki. Vielen Dank!"

"vamo q vamo"

"I would like to join the basic format at this time. First time and would like to check it out. Thank you."

"this is a beautiful accurate wiki, I would like to join, maybe even help contribute!!"

"research into fiction writers" - - - - - ( Uh-oh, So much for "beautiful accurate wiki"… )

"I love your site! Came here due to the slow progress at Playboy Plus for content. Thanks to everyone here!"

"like wiki join wiki"

"i've been with playboy/cyberclub forever. i really miss the "search" capability in the upper right of the screen.
looks like "playboywiki" may be the solution."


"Hi, not even in my wildest dreams thought that this piece of organized heaven existed. Please, please, please let me in!"

"Just looking! One of the best sites for window shopping!"

"Within the breasts of a woman lies dormant the hopes of men."

"merci de m'accueillir"

"Dear Sirs, I submit my Membership Request for your consideration. I am 54 years old and trying to gather data for
a playmate index for my private use. Thank you in advance. Yours truly…" [name withheld]

"cale mai bune bucati" - - - - - ( Not sure what this means - something about "the best pieces" ? Anyway…welcome Romania! )

"I like it"

These are from actual users' "Pending Membership Requests". - No comment or compliment is necessary, of course.

And there's always at least one guy who wants to know...

"What do I receive w/ the membership to playboywiki?"
- - - - -
  • Well . . . you do realize that this site, though officially authorized by Playboy, is built by
  • and is maintained by unpaid volunteers, right? So we don't have discounts & goodies to hand out…

  • However, you do get:
    1. Our thanks for showing your appreciation.
    2. The ability to edit pages if you see we made a mistake. (Or just let us know, and we'll fix it.)
    3. The ability to use the "Favorites" link in the left sidebar to create a list of pages that you want to keep track of.
    4. The option of receiving email notifications when any pages you specify are updated. And finally...
    5. The satisfaction of knowing you are in the company of others who share your excellent taste.