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Cyber Club: Playmate Xtras

The earlier Xtras were from Special Editions pictorials.

These typically consisted of a single set of 15 pictures.


April: Irina Voronina (1st)
May: Pennelope Jimenez
June: Teri Harrison
July: Kimberly Holland (1st)
August: Christina Santiago (1st)
September: Heather Spytek
October: Shannon Stewart
November: Nicole Narain (1st)
December: Hiromi Oshima — (pics from June/July 2005 Lingerie)


January: Christi Shake (1st)

Later Xtras were produced especially for the Cyber Club.

These consisted of weekly installments of pictorials and/or videos.


February: Cara Zavaleta
March: Kimberly Holland (2nd)
April: Courtney Rachel Culkin
May: Stephanie Heinrich
June: Athena Lundberg
July: Christi Shake (2nd)
August: Cassandra Lynn
September: Deanna Brooks
October: Lindsey Vuolo
November: Tamara Witmer
December: Amanda Paige


January: Nicole Narain (2nd)
February: Jamie Westenhiser
March: Tiffany Taylor
April: Lauren Anderson
May: Qiana Chase
June: Jordan Monroe
July: Stephanie Larimore
August: Raquel Gibson
September: Sandra Hubby
October: Katie Lohmann
November: Nicole Voss
December: Jillian Grace


January: Sara Jean Underwood (1st)
February: Scarlett Keegan
March: Janine Habeck
April: Holley Ann Dorrough
May: Shallan Meiers
June: Vanessa Gleason
July: Colleen Marie
August: Destiny Davis
September: Tyran Richard
October: Monica Leigh
November: Spencer Scott
December: Suzanne Stokes


January: Christina Santiago (2nd)
February: Heather Rene Smith
March: Lindsay Wagner
April: Tiffany Selby (1st)
May: Patrice Hollis
June: Campbell Twins
July: AJ Alexander
August: Kayla Collins
September: Laura Croft
October: Michelle McLaughlin
November: Christine Smith
December: Valerie Mason


January: Sasckya Porto
February: Irina Voronina (2nd)
March: Petra Verkaik
April: (deleted after one pictorial) Sara Jean Underwood was re-shot for June
May: Ava Fabian
June: Sara Jean Underwood (2nd)
July: Kelly Carrington
August: Carrie Stevens
September: Tishara Cousino
October: Kimberly Phillips (1st)
November: Candice Cassidy
December: Barbara Moore


January: Jennifer Pershing
February: Jami Ferrell
March: Jessica Burciaga
April: (no Xtra) substituted by April Showers
May: Shera Bechard
June: Olivia Paige
July: Tiffany Selby and Kimberly Phillips (2nd for each)
August: Ashley Hobbs
September: Katie Vernola
October: Dalene Kurtis
November: Kyra Milan
December: (no Xtra) substituted by Rollerama


January: Nichole Van Croft — last of the Playmate Xtras.