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serafinco serafinco Feb 16, 2012

**[[http://cyber.playboy.com/members/amateurs/playboyamateurs/|Cyber Club: Barmates]]**
Dates correspond to the issue the Barmate is featured in, rather than the Cyber Club release date.

June: [[Kat Corbin]]
July: [[Ashley Krystle]]
August: [[Bethanie Badertscher]]
September: [[Mariel MaClosky]]
October: [[Angie Blauch]]
November: [[Nicholle Lottman]]
December: [[Katrina Eugenia]]

January: [[Christy Ann]]
February: [[Veronica Gomez]]
March: [[Sally Gibbs]]
April: [[Aisha Jamal|Laila Rose]]
May: [[Meganlyn Centeno]]
June: [[Kimberley Cohen]]
July: [[Hannah Gappa]]
August: [[Erin Alexandra]]
September: [[Stefany Alzate]]
October: [[Nicole Jaye]]
November: [[Lacey Zartman]]
December: [[Karin Noelle]]

January/ February: [[Baby Cacciatore]]
March : [[Cara Costillo]]