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Arline Hunter

Miss August 1954 Arlene
5' 6", 118 lbs, 38-24-35
Birthday: December 16, 1931

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Miss August 1954 . . . 2 pics / Centerfold


Over the years, many women have been identified in some way as "New Marilyns",
because of the huge infatuation with the public persona of Marilyn Monroe.
Arline became one of the first faux Monroe's, in part because of her Centerfold.
There was also a more notorious connection, probably unfamiliar to most present readers.

Marilyn_Monroe-RedVelvet-pose2.jpg centerfold-PM195408A1-01-med.jpg
Marilyn Monroe (one of her "Red Velvet" series) . . . . . . . Arline as Miss August 1954

First the Centerfold connection: Tom Kelley's Marilyn original obviously inspired Ed DeLong's later picture with Arline.
(This was the first "Centerfold" not purchased from the Baumgarth calendar company. It filled both center pages,
and unlike what you see above right, Playmate titles appeared on the picture. Those titles are usually black or white –
– uniquely for Arline, "MISS AUGUST" is black, and "PLAYMATE OF THE MONTH" is white.)

The "notorious" connection noted above was an alleged MM "stag" movie called "Apple Knockers and Coke"
which actually featured Arline. Everyone seems satisfied just to shift that "sleazy" bit away from Marilyn.
But what about Arline? Up until the part where MM breaks through to Stardom, Arline's career was similar:
early stint as nude model, then B-movie actress. Besides starring with a Coke bottle, she was in the
Three Stooges short "Outer Space Jitters" (1957), "Sex Kittens Go to College" (1960) with Mamie Van Doren,
and quite a few more, plus TV. Here's a rare short interview with Arline to present a fairer picture of her.